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SEO for Google Business Growth

Providing web design with Google search engine optimization that gets your business noticed. My SEO clients across America get much higher Google search rankings with the best local search engine optimization (SEO) you can get today. Do you want business growth? I am an expert at business marketing and Google SEO - and I'm here to help. No local company offers the overall success that my clients achieve.

Most of my clients contact me for rebuilds for poorly designed websites that looked good, but failed miserably at local SEO and overall Google search visibility. My goal is to create workable web designs that rank above your competitors within local search results. With my 18 years of experience and fiery passion for success with every client, I help business locations to reach their goals and keep things consistent for years to come. Also, I strongly believe my optimized website designs work better than the competition and I can prove it.

One of my local clients is a cigar retai…

Improve Your Google Ranking

If you've built a website for your business and have been struggling to appear in Google on page one, there are some key points regarding web design and search engine optimization that you may need to be aware of. I'll do my best to give you some tips to help you to improve your Google ranking on your own. However, these are not guaranteed to help every business website type. Depending on your competition, these may work great, or they may not. Give these a try.
Keywords in meta tags are useless: If you've been cramming keywords in your site's header in order to appear above your competitors, you may as well erase those and forget about it. Google will not rely on your keywords when they crawl your website content.Home page titles are crucial: If you've been placing your keywords into the title of your home page, try removing them entirely and then wait for Google to crawl your site changes. Google has a way of penalizing those who 'overdo it' when it comes…