Stepping Up and Competing In Business

While out on my daily errands, I meet many entrepreneurs. I could be having dinner nearby at some smaller restaurant and get a chance to meet the owner of the business. If the conversation takes the turn to, “So, what do you do?”, I hand them my business card and explain that I’m a web designer. Not many people believe that’s a regular career choice today but I can assure you that it is – when you’re good at it – and you have satisfied clients who place their trust in you.

You see, people who own small businesses tend to think that they don’t need to place much emphasis on a website. They tend to think that Google (and the Internet as a whole) will never benefit them. They think they cannot compete at the same level with larger, more expensive establishments who dominate Google’s local search results.

I would easily admit that if I weren’t a web designer myself, I’d probably take a sip from my soda at the counter of his restaurant and quietly agree with him. That being said, I’m quite the different personality and time and the seasons have shown me that even the smallest of establishments can dominate the market in their area – if they choose to do so.

How does one choose to do so? How can one compete with the likes of the larger business owners? It’s all comes down to a few things;

  1. Have a drive to do so.
  2. Stop listening to those who say, “You may as well not even try”.
  3. Be proud of your business.
  4. Be fond of your customers.

If you choose to compete against anyone, in any field of endeavor, you must strive to be the best in your area and make it clear that you are never simply one of the many who may be just as good as you. If you have a business website that isn’t converting visits to opportunities, take a long, hard look at your content. Is it just like everyone else in your chosen field? If so, change it. Make sure that your website is just as unique as your own skillset, your personality, or your thumbprint. No two people are the same. Knowing this to be true, why follow what everyone else states on their websites? Why use a similar layout or color scheme? Be unique. In the end, that is what drives customers to you – and that is precisely what helps my clients to succeed. If you like this article and would like a little help with your business website design, contact me. It would be a pleasure to hear from you.

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